Businesses in the Park

Suite Owner
201 Soderberg Insurance Services, Inc.
202 Nu-Tech Systems, Inc.
C.C. Worldwide, Inc.
Nutile Realty Trust
203 Investigative Neuroscience, PC
Peter Q Warinner, MD
204 Tax Express of Saugus
Saldi Realty Associates
Law Office of Annalisa Saldi
205 Go Blue Tours
206 Timothy Charles Financial LLC
207 J.F. Moran
Suite Owner
301 Henry W.  Peabody & Co., Inc.
302 Caso Global Corporation
303 The Clark Company
George L. Bernstein, Attorey at Law
304 Howard L. Greenspan, Attorney at Law
305 Bruce N. Goldman
Bickling Financial Services, Inc.
306 Baker Law Office
307 New England Doll & Novelty Co., Inc.
Suite Owner
101 Riley & Dever, PC Attorneys at Law
102 Giannattasio & Associates
Douglas & Company
Peter Aloisi, Of Counsel
Chariot Publishing
103 Rosano Associates, Inc.
R.A.I. Financial Services, Inc.
104 Vacant/Available
105 Equis Tax LLC
106 EDA Staffing, Inc.
107 Law Office of Maria Meklis
JG&M Financial
Suite Owner
201 Law Office of Earle Solano
202-203 Optimal Wellness
Joseph Edward Kaye MD
204 Law Office of Maureen Curren
205 Law Offices / Max C. Goldberg Kenneth M. Goldberg
206 – 207 Williams & Partners
Suite Owner
101 Kokinos & Watson
102 Intellisense
103 Mastrogiovanni & Denehy, PC Certified Public Accountants
Money Concepts Financial Planning Center
Salvatore J. Perra, Attorney at Law
104 Going Clear | Digital Agency
105 Caniff & Associates – Certified Public Accountants
Lang & Associates – Attorneys at Law
Suite Owner
201 DePiano & Todisco Adjusters, Inc. Public Insurance Adjusters
202 Pantano / Vonkahle Insurance Agency, Inc.
Queststar Capital Corporation
203 Empire Recycling, LLC
MMM Consulting, LLC
Michael Motzkin
204-205 Mortgage Equity Partners
Suite Owner
301 Vacant/Available
302-303 Vacant/Available
304 Mortgage Equity Partners
305 Mack-Cali
Suite Owner
401 Rockland Trust
402 Law Offices of John Morello
403 KJB Law Firm
Kimberly J. Baker, Attorney at Law
BFS Investment Group
Kenneth Moran
404 Richard C. Chambers, Jr. Esq.
Thomas J. Amorosa, Esq.
David Silen, Esq.
Steven Apostolides, Esq.
405 Crowley & McCarthy, P.C. Attorneys at Law
Suite Owner
101 Integrated Financial
102 Surabian Cutler, PC
105 P F Bruno & Company
Suite Owner
201-203 Vacant/Available
204 Vacant/Available
205 Investment Professionals
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